Touristic Sustainability

What is Sustainability? Characteristics and conditions in which the necessities of the current local population can be satisfied without compromising future generations.

Sostenibilidad TurísticaTouristic Sustainability Certificate (TSC): it is a program that looks for the categorization and certification of touristic companies according to the level in which their operations can be near a sustainability model. This program is granted by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (CIT) to hotels and travel agencies. The TSC establishes a scale of 5 levels, represented by leaves and each one represents the relative position of the company in terms of sustainability. For these four fundamental aspects are evaluated.

1. Physical-biological parameters. Evaluates the interaction between the company and environment, interesting policy implementation and sustainability programs, environmental protection, and others.

2. Infrastructure and services. Evaluate aspects of the systems and internal processes of the company, mainly of waste management and cleaner technologies for saving water and electricity.

3. External clients. Evaluate the actions taken by the hotel management to invite the customer to understand and participate in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company.

4. Socio-economic environment. SEvaluate the identification and establishment of interaction with communities, analyzing the degree to which tourism businesses respond to the growth and development of the region through job creation or gains for the community.

Casa Turire and the Sustainability

Casa Turire has defined a Policy of Sustainability as we recognize that sustainable tourism development contributes to environmental, economic, socio-cultural and that it promotes the knowledge of local culture to create respect among the diversity of races and different ways of thinking. This Policy is available at Reception and Management. For the future generations well appeal to all our visitors, guests, partners, suppliers, public and private institutions to adopt the values and objectives of Sustainable Tourism.

Currently Casa Turire Hotel has been awarded with the Level 4 in Certification Sustainable Tourism. Which Casa Turire works with the community and with the country?

Recycling Program

Sostenibilidad TurísticaThis is a process of separation of wastes, including organic waste from the hotel and farm are treated to convert into organic compost. Inorganic waste (cardboard, paper, plastics) are separated and donated to the collection center of La Suiza School. The glass is separated and sent to Vidriera Centroamerica (VICESA) for recycling process. The ink cartridges for printers and faxes are collected to KYM for subsequent recharge process. The cooking oil is stored and collected for Energías Biodegradables Company, who transform into biodiesel. All money received by the recycling of glass and the oil is donated to the Pastoral de Enfermos of La Suiza. Residual waters are treated trough grease traps and then through drains, to prevent its disposal in raw to national waters.

Code of Conduct

Sostenibilidad Turística This is awarded by the PANIAMOR Foundation and managed through the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Casa Turire Hotel signed the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children and Adolescent Victims of Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Costa Rica. Casa Turire is against sex tourism. Casa Turire Hotel has the honor of belonging to Small Distinctive Hotels which is geared to excellence in service and facilities with a high degree of social and environmental responsibility.

Three beneficiaries through the group are:

Hogar Casa Luz

Sostenibilidad Turísticahis home supports to mothers in extreme poverty. The objective is that mothers and their children come to emotionally and financially independent. | | Tel:2438-5004


Sostenibilidad Turística Casa Turire Hotel is a member and Guaria Partner of the nonprofit organization. This organization protects the National Parks of Costa Rica and educates the public about how you can help. Main function is to keep the human resources of the park rangers. | | Tel 2263-4162

Piensa en Arte

Sostenibilidad TurísticaIt’s an educational program that introduces art into the classroom, promoting the works of art and rediscovering the national heritage. | | Tel 2221-6760


Casa Turire participates in:

  • Local and sports sponsorships.
  • Organizing activities for educational and social boards that give support to the communityd.
  • We are working with Jenaro Bonilla Aguilar School of Turrialba supporting the Ecological Blue Flag Program, giving talks and training to school staff. Sostenibilidad TurísticaCámara Nacional de Ecología
  • We belong to the Cámara Nacional de Ecología (CANAECO), promoting and supporting the nature conservation and cultural values of the country.

Internal actions:

  • Hotel has reforestation area (12 hectares) and trails area.
  • Working with suppliers in the area, who are friendly with the nature.
  • Hotel has emergency plans, Solid Waste and Occupational Health.
  • In our farm we produce a lot of fruits and vegetables that are fertilized using compost that is produced by organic waste to the hotel and farm, besides these products we produce eggs, marmalades, cheese and are used in the kitchen to serve the different dishes that we offer at the restaurant.
  • Each department of the hotel has defined its policies and functions to achieve a sustainable more efficient and we have a Savings Plan for Energy and Water.

  • Support La Marta Biological refuge by providing, paint, wood materials manual labor hours either to paint buildings, built trails, bridges and many other necessities.

Pack for a PurposePack for a Purpose

Nonprofit website is designed to be a resource for vacation travelers to determine if their accommodations support projects in their local communities. The website will also provide a list of supplies requested for the specific projects.

Purpose: Create a simple way to enable individual travelers to use space in their personal luggage to transport needed supplies to legitimate community projects around the world.

Help us to participate in the sustainability of the Hotel and continue with these practices in their personal life for the benefit of future generations.

Help us to participate in the sustainability of the Hotel and continue with these practices in their personal life for the benefit of future generations.

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