Spa - Hotel Casa Turire - Turrialba, Costa RicaFACIAL: (1 hour)
- Cleansing with special lotion to remove make up.
- Use of a brush that cleanses the pores of the skin.
- Cleansing with sponges.
- After the cleansing an essential oil and tonic is applied.
- Facial massage.
- Corrective product is applied and the circulation in the face is stimulated using gentle pinches.
- A mask of chocolate is applied with a brush (for 15 minutes).
- At the end a moisturizing cream is applied.
- Lastly a moisturizing cream is applied.
A hand and foot massage is included.

Spa - Hotel Casa Turire - Turrialba, Costa RicaRELAXING MASSAGE: (60 or 90 minutes)
-Swedish massage techniques combined with Veroliz techniques.
-Give warmth, increases blood flow, diminishes blood pressure and emotional tension.

Spa - Hotel Casa Turire - Turrialba, Costa RicaDEEP MASSAGE: (60 minutes)
-Deep massage works the muscle, it is frequently used on more active clients and is used the relieve muscle cramps
-Begins at your feet upwards front and back using circular techniques

AROMATHERAPY: (75 minutes)
-Uses a cleansing technique and a massage with essential oils: Rosemary, Lavender, Mint and Eucalyptus. The essential oils are extracted from plants and flowers.

Spa - Hotel Casa Turire - Turrialba, Costa RicaSTONE MASSAGE: (90 minutes)
-One hour advanced notice is necessary to heat the stones. Heat and weight, the body relaxes.
-Stones are heated with aromatherapy scents. (90 minutes)

EXFOLIATION: (60 minutes)
-Cucumber-peach basis, chocolate and coffee.
-Cleaning and massage are included.

Spa - Hotel Casa Turire - Turrialba, Costa RicaBODY WRAP: (does not include massage) (60 minutes)
-Volcanic rock and chocolate used.
-Cleansing of the skin is done (60 minutes)
-20 minutes with the mud applied, the mud is removed with water.
-A heavy mixture which is applied with a brush, the client is covered with a sheet and thermal blanket.

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