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"A prefered site for Costa Rica exploration"

Valle de Turrrialba, Costa Rica Casa Turire is an enchanting and elegant place located in the green and agricultural area of Turrialba. An ideal site that is part of Costa Rica’s exploration - you can know its interior treasure from Braulio Carrillo to Irazu Volcano- you could take tours in Pacuare and Reventazon River and travel from the Caribean coast of exotic Limon to the mystic hidden rain forest in Tortuguero. All these diversed attractions areas are be easily accessed in the community and in the attractive luxury of Casa Turire.

Senderos, Jardines, Hotel Casa Turire, Turrrialba, Costa Rica Guests can start directly in the hotel by going out to the gardens of the place, exotic birds and butterflies are regular visitors. Tucans match with the canopy of the trees together with noisy paraketes. The bird Oropendola with bright orange and black colors visits the trees and bushes around the pool. These lands invite us to know and enjoy their richness.

Eco-Huerta, Hotel Casa Turire, Turrrialba, Costa Rica The tour to the farm is an experience that permits our guests to learn about the operation and work in a plantation while enjoying all the abundance involved in it. Private transportation takes the guests through a informative tour of the 200 acres plantation and it includes stops in the treatment plants. Coffee, macadamia and sugar cane are processed in the same area. During picking time, from July to November, guests can pick coffee in the way it is traditionally done in Costa Rica.

Tour a Caballo, Turrrialba, Costa Rica We have tours to waterfalls and adventures on the tropical jungle. Horseback riding tours offer magnific siteseeing, with panoramic views to the mountain and all Turrialba Valley. Ciclysm can be extended from a relaxing trip in the surrounding areas to a stronger training on lands that will test your body condition.

There are several lake activities for Casa Turire guests. A small damp powered by Reventazon River forms a lake of approximately 37 meters depth. Casa Turire has buitl a deck and offers non motorized aquatic activities, kayaks and canoes.

Rafting, Turrrialba, Costa Rica The sport challenge was never more intense than in the local rivers. Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica has an important place in the world and Casa Turire is very near the best rivers worldwide- Reventazon River and Pacuare. Eventhough Reventazon River posses rafting Class V- in worldwide level, done only by very experienced sport people- there are routes less intensive that can also be appropriate for beginners/ besides a break from strong waters,kayak is offered as a way to enjoy the rivers. Experienced sport people will take the invitation to go to the white waters, while the beginners can float in the river and enjoy the exquisite landscape. For those who want to learn to Kayak, a Kayaking school is located at only 20 minutes away from Casa Turire. Training occurs in a calm and beautiful session in Pejibaye River. The school provides all the equipment necessary and well qualified instructors.

For those who like more exotic adventure, Casa Turire can contact Hot air balloons tour providers. This will offer you a unique prespective of the surrounding areas. To get deeper knowledge of the tropical jungle, you should not miss the chance to take a tour with a experienced naturalist who can offer you pletora of knowledge about the local flora and fauna- specially medicinal plants.

CATIE, Turrrialba, Costa Rica There are several trips available in the surrounding areas of Casa Turire. In less than 10 minutes from the hotel, you can find CATIE and a serpentary. CATIE is one of most important research stations for tropical agriculture in the world.

The archeological Park Guayabo is also located about one hour away from the hotel. The principal archeological site in Costa Rica is Guayabo and it has fascinating archeological artifacts from the area, which was inhabited from 1000BC to 1400 AD, being abandoned afterwards. The excavations started more than 30 years ago and is still happening nowadays. We recommend knowledgeable tour guides for only for this but for all tours. It doesn’t matter how far the guests choose to travel or how adventures their want their activities. Casa Turire opens its arms to welcome you to extreme adventure.... It is always nice to be at home at the end of a long day.

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