Our Mission, our vision and sucess behavior

OUR MISSION: “Casa Turire should offer its clients an experience full of harmony and exclusiveness in their acommodations, with an neat service since the very first moment. Also, we should work to be a point of reference in the National Tourism due to our compromise with sustaintability, professionalism and eficiency”.

OUR VISION: “In a short term period we hope to be a company that is stable, efficient, secure and compromised with sustaintability” We must fulfill our guests expectations for them to have an unforgetable memory or their time in our hotel”.


There are the values and attitutes that will let us perform our work better:

-Responsibility: Qeach colaborator must develop the assigned fuctions in the best way.

-Cooperation: there shall be interrelation with each of the departments so each one can help each other when needed without any obstacle that might place in risk the production of the business.

-Respect (Tolerance): May each one of the colaborators have respect-tolerance towards different ethnicities, customs, religions, etc, for both people who visit or who work in the hotel. Also there should be respect and recommendation of other lodging companies in the area.

-Efficancy: To achieve the goals placed in the time indicated.

-Efficiency: to develop our functions in a agil and fast way to understand the client and fulfill his-her exepctations.

-Humanity: to make colaborators and clients feel in a charmngfamily environment.- Discretion: about the hotel business and the personal life of every coworker.

-Communication: allowing each department and each coworker to offer a quality service in which all are informed of the importance of the function each one develops in the organization.

-Iniciative: to provide ideas that allow work improvement for him/herself and coworkers. -Confidence: in each function and work issue related to the work environment.

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