Irazú Volcano

Along with the neighbouring Turrialba Volcano, the Irazú Volcano is one of the most popular attractions of Turrialba.

Protected by the National Parks Act since 1970, the volcano covers an area of 5,705 acres and is an active volcano with a long history of eruptions. The most recent eruption started during US President Kennedy’s visit in 1963 and lasted for two years! This volcano is the tallest in Costa Rica, and one of its craters contains “Diego de la Haya,” a green, crater lake. Creeks on the volcano feed the Chirripó, Reventazón, Sarapiquí and Grande de Tárcoles rivers. The name of the Irazú Volcano comes from an ancient, indigenous village near the volcano called “Iztaru,” which meant “trembling mountain of thunder.” As the years passed, the orthography changed slightly and the name became “Irazú.”

This volcano is a popular attraction for many national and international tourists. The summit of the Irazú volcano is 11,260 feet high with an irregularly shaped sub-cone and a history of violent eruptions in five different craters.

The main crater is almost perfectly circular with walls almost 3,500 feet in diameter and 1,000 feet deep. The second crater, “Diego de la Hoya,” forms the aforementioned crater lake and is 2,000 feet wide and 300 feet deep. The Playa Hermosa, La Laguna, and Piroclástico craters also comprise the volcano. This majestic sight is only two hours and fifteen minutes from our hotel, and there is a souvenir and coffee shop with restrooms located there for your convenience.

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