Basilic of Cartago

Located in the city of Cartago, this catholic cathedral is an important sanctuary dedicated to an apparition of a statue of the Black Madonna, the patron saint of Costa Rica.

Tradition states that a small statue of the Black Madonna and Child miraculously appeared in Costa Rica where the cathedral currently stands. On August 2 each year, Catholics from all over the country gather at the cathedral to pay homage to the “Negrita,” as the Black Virgin is known in Costa Rica. There are many souvenir stands around the basilica that sell religious merchandise. Around the Basílica you can also purchase many religious souvenirs.

We recommend that you dress appropriately when visiting a Basilica; keep in mind that it is a very important church to the people of Costa Rica and please do not wear shorts or revealing clothing. A light jacket or long-sleeved shirt would also be helpful, as Cartago is known to be windy. From our hotel the Basilica approximately one hour away.

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