The Lost City of Guayabo

The Guyabo Monument is one of the treasures of Turrialba, being Costa Rica’s most extensive ruins of prehistoric culture. Although very little is known about this city—which is believed once to have been home to 10,000 people—the excavations that have been done reveal an extensive collection of roads, aqueducts, pools, tombs, and foundations of homes.

Because of the elaborate, artistic ruins and the beautiful pieces of artwork therein, archaeologists conclude that this was once the dwelling place of the highest caste of an ancient society.

Not a trace of any linguistic record remains to give clues about this ancient city. Glyphs of animals and other indecipherable images hint at a sophisticated civilization; however, with no written history, scholars still debate about whether Guyabo was a wealthy, commercial center or a hidden, independent anomaly. In either case, visitors will find an ancient treasure waiting to be rediscovered.

You will need comfortable clothing, walking shoes, sun block, and insect repellent.

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