Birdchecklist Hotel Casa Turire & Nearby sites / Birdwatching

This birdchecklist has been compiled for our property and important birding spots sites in Turrialba area, such CATIE, Tuis river valley and Silencio Mountain. Elevation range goes from 600 mts (1800 ft) to 1200 mts (3600 ft) above sea level.

HOTEL CASA TURIRE BIRDCHECKLIST. Catie, Tuis River Valley and Silencio Mountain.

Elevations of Hotel Casa Turire and nearby sites as follows:
Hotel Casa Turire, Catie and Tuis river Valley, 1,800 feet approximately (600 mts asl).
Silencio Mountain, from 2,100 to 3,500 feet asl. (700 to 1,150 mts asl).

Download: pdfBirdschecklist Casa Turire.xls | pdfBirdschecklist Casa Turire.pdf

C- Common birds, seen very often.
UC- Uncommonly seen.
R- Rarely seen.

NA- North American Migrant, Mostly around from September to May.
SA- South American Migrant, Mostly around from March to September.
N- Native species, present all year.
S- Seasonal, present from November – May approximately.

CT- Hotel Casa Turire.
C- Catie. TV- Tuis River Valley.
CS- Silencio Mountain.

Bibliography used, Stiles and Skutch “Birds of Costa Rica” and Richard Garrigues and Robert Dean “The Birds of Costa Rica” field guides. Compiled by Freddy Madrigal on June 2008. Additional species. In case you find species not included in this checklist, please send them to or your records will be highly appreciated.

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